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From: Bill Easum, 21st Century StrategiesBill Easum

Dear Colleague,

The one thing they didn’t teach me in seminary was how to grow my church. Sure, there were plenty of books and resources to choose from, I may have even taken a class on it. But at different seasons in my ministry, I would just sit at my desk not knowing where to start.

The Early Days

I specifically remember three pieces of advice as I was just getting started:

  • Launch a second service. Unfortunately, at the time I only had 35 people in worship – and the average age was 64.
  • Run one of those Pack-A-Pew programs. I actually tried this, and every member (all 35 of them) told me they’d already invited everyone they knew.
  • Join the Chamber and Rotary to meet new people. My schedule was already crammed with hospital visits, committee meetings, worship prep, and office hours. How was I supposed to add something else to my schedule and stay married?
Clearly, not the best solutions for my circumstance! Twenty-plus years later, I look back on those days and I’m amazed at how many mistakes I made, yet still managed to make enough “right” decisions to grow my church.

And grow it I did … from 35 to 100 to 300 … and ultimately to over 2300.

Requests for Help

Then a funny thing happened: requests started coming in. It began with just a few, and before I knew it, there were more than I could handle. Requests from small rural churches, larger independent churches, even denominations … all asking the same thing:

Why isn’t my church growing like it should?!?

Seems I wasn’t the only one hungry for a plan, a solution, a system to help grow my church. So over 20 years ago, I began helping other pastors grow their churches by sharing what I’d learned, and I haven’t looked back. Now after thousands of pastors coached, dozens of books authored, and literally countless videos, articles, workbooks, and training resources later, I’m still doing what I love. Still growing, still learning, still sharing.

Resources Abound

Today, church growth resources abound. And frankly, just about anything you pull from the shelf is better than anything that was available to me. But unfortunately, this also means so much more “expert advice” to sift through. Have you noticed there’s no shortage in “experts,” nowadays? It reminds me of a great quote:

If you don’t have your knowledge in order, any new information, even good information, will only add to your confusion.
Bill Easum
Bill Easum

Can you identify?

In fact, even if you limited your search to our resources, you could get lost for days. So I sat down with my business partner to look at the most critical church growth tools, and we then honed them down so they could be applied specifically to whatever church growth barrier you’re facing. These are the same tools we’ve used to help thousands of pastors grow their churches to the next level, and the next, and the next.

Church Growth Tool Kit

As a valued colleague, I would like to share with you our Church Growth Tool Kit. No frills and no hype, just quality content that I believe holds the key to helping you break through your next worship barrier. To make it easy, I’ve personally even developed an Instruction Manual so you know exactly which tool you need to tackle your most pressing issues.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Church Growth Tool Kit

Breaking Barriers Resource Pack gives specific steps to moving through the 100, 200, 500, 700, 1000, 1500, and 3000 and beyond barriers to growth.

  • A digital copy of Bill Easum’s bestselling book Unfreezing Moves that helps church leaders identify where they are on the circle of growth and what they need to do next to rekindle the growth process.
  • Breaking 100, 200, 500, 700, 1000, 1500, and 3000 Worship Barriers: Workbooks that outline the steps necessary to break the “Stained Glass Ceilings” that stymie church growth.
  • Worship for the 21st Century: Workbook on re-visioning worship for today’s culture.
  • I Love My Church Day – Doubling First Time Guests and Retaining Them: An attendance boosting program that culminates in a Double Day church event (like the old pack-a-pew Sunday programs during the Church Growth Movement days of the 80s)
  • Evangelism for Traditional and Non-Traditional Churches: A workbook on how to do evangelism based on the church setting
  • The Small Church Workbook: This workbook was developed specifically to help church leaders fly over the first hurdles to church growth. If your church is worshiping under 100 this resource will help get things started.
  • The Core Processes Through the Eyes of the Small Churches: No matter what size church you’re in, there are four core processes that must be attended to. In this eBook you’ll not only learn what the four processes are, but how to work them efficiently and effectively in a small church.
  • A Nursery for Our Time: Workbook on how to ensure the nursery is guest-friendly.
  • Developing a Culture of Equipping: Workbook on how to get your members doing mission and ministry (the work of the church inside the church and out in the community)
  • Disciple Making Leaders: Workbook on how to get church leaders multiplying themselves by raising up and apprenticing disciples
  • The Missing Piece (Stewardship Campaign): A stewardship campaign to help underwrite the transformation work
  • Team Based Ministry: How to transition from a committee based culture to a team-based culture with people who are called to ministry rather than nominated to manage.
  • Missional Small Groups: The bigger the church is, the smaller it has to be. Small groups are THE way to connect people to one another, to the existing membership, and to Jesus Christ.
  • Role of the Senior Pastor and Staffing a Church: Churches that hire people to do ministry quickly plateau and stop growing. This workbook outlines how staff helps grow churches.
  • The Church Growth Tool Kit Instruction Manual on how to best use these resources.

We’ll also include the following resources to help equip you and your church for those “unique” issues that crop up:

  • Easum’s Arsenal for Church Growth DVD: Including some of Bill Easum’s most important videos on church growth.  Each session is short enough to use in staff meetings, laity events, or for personal use.
  • Digital copies of Bill Easum’s bestselling books A Second Resurrection, and Go Big With Small Groups to help prepare you spiritually for the tough work of growing your church.
  • Conflict CPR DVD: There’s no such thing as a conflict-free church growth process; however, you can minimize the damage conflict can inflict by applying the principles in the Conflict Prevention and Reconciliation training set.
  • How to Start a New Service: If you grow your church, you’re going to run out of space. This concise manual will help you prepare your congregation for a new service, and provides the “How To” that will help you get it started right.

Valued at over $500, you can get this Tool Kit now for the Church Growth Tools discounted price of $249. Frankly, this is a “no-brainer” deal. Sign up now!