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Monday, January 30th 2023


It’s one of the most common emotions pastors face.

Sound familiar?

  • New ideas get shot down without a chance
  • Visitors come, but few return
  • Those guests that do return, disappear after a couple months
  • The members are more concerned with status quo than reaching the community for Jesus

We’ve been there and done that. We’ve shared your frustration. But slowly, with a lot of trial and error, we discovered how we were unintentionally scuttling any chance we had of growing our churches.
We took notes.
We made changes.
We measured our results.
And we grew churches.

We made a commitment to share what we’d learned to help other pastors grow their churches.

So over the past three decades, we’ve consulted and coached thousands of churches and church leaders. We’ve published over 30 books, spoken at hundreds of church growth conferences, and produced literally countless videos, workbooks, and church training curriculum being used across the world.

As time’s passed, we’ve adapted the material for each new generation, applying age-old principles and adjusting them for today.

Our mission is to do whatever it takes to help churches become faithful, effective, and sustainable. So we want to share what we’ve learned and share it with you, for free.

Simply enter your email in the sidebar, and get FREE access to three concise e-booklets with the information we believe every church needs to grow. Whether you lead a church of 25, 100, 225, 300, 500, 1000, or larger, this information WILL HELP YOU grow your church, no matter the barriers you face.


  • The 18 Biggest Mistakes Congregations Unknowingly Make
  • The Top 15 Ways You May be Sabotaging Your Own Church’s Growth
  • Specific Action Items to help you break through your next worship barrier.

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